PMS week: sexual sin

>> February 1, 2009

I've been looking forward to this week of posts for a few several weeks now. Not so much because of the topic, but because you're going to meet an amazing, brave, honest, friendly PH, Cindy Beall. I know you are going to be blessed by her testimony and her advice. I don't think you're ever going to forget Cindy or her story.

But the subject matter, sexual sin, is important too. The probability is high that many of us will face this issue in our marriage to one degree or another. Because of our role as pastor's wives, the issues take on new dimensions, with our husband's career and gainful employment, with his influence as a spiritual leader, with everything that goes along with a public scandal. Cindy has been there, done that. This week we're going to explore many of the dimensions of this through her eyes.

We hope you'll find useful information and find strength in knowing that God can and will bring you and your PH through anything, no matter what. He's in the redemption business. And that's what this story is really about, overcoming and "life after... ." Cindy shares her story to "give hope to the wife who is living with the atrocious consequences of her husband’s actions." We welcome your comments, your own testimony and your questions for Cindy. Feel free to post anonymously if you feel more comfortable.

You will be blessed this week. Promise.


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