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>> February 23, 2009

Last autumn, I attended a PW Retreat with about 100 other women from my general area. We listened to good speakers, had a late night pajama party, went walking in nature, and sat in rocking chairs talking for hours.

One of the main points the retreat leaders talked about that weekend was "accountability". The idea that every PW should have another trusted PW friend that she can talk to, confide in, pray with and mutually support. A woman of godly wisdom and earthly common sense...

I've done a lot of thinking about that since then. Praying that God will bring me someone to fill that role. Unlike some PW's I know, I was blessed with an amazing and godly mother who has often worn these shoes. But as a laywoman she can't always grasp the nuances of the tightrope we walk as PWs. So I've tried to figure out what "accountability" really means.

For me, having a PW accountability partner means someone:
- bold/brave enough to call me on my nonsense
- spiritually discerning
- fun enough to get me out of my box
- willing to be real and authentic
- discreet and trustworthy
- whose life is guided by scripture rather than just culture

Do you have a PW friend who keeps you accountable to grow and improve? What does accountability look like to you?


Iris February 27, 2009 at 5:50 PM  

The problem that I have that we live in an area that is filled with PW's that are about my grandmother's age. I have no doubt that I can (and I have) learned so much from their infinite knowledge. However, we are at a totally different place in "church" than what they were back in the day. "Church" is not exactly the same anymore. They are used to the glass coca-cola bottles and we're drinking out of the recycled use less plastic kind of bottles. While the stuff inside is the same we are currently selling it in a totally different way. No one ever tells you how lonely it can be sometimes. ::sigh:: Anywho, that was my two cents! :)

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