>> October 10, 2008

Hi girls!

I'm Sarah, married to Marius and living in the metro Atlanta area. We've been married almost 7 years.

Marius is the Senior Pastor of two churches in the Greater Atlanta Area. He's passionate about community projects, international mission trips and small groups, in addition to baptismal studies, counseling, and lately - lots of weddings! He's full of life and keeps my sometimes-workaholic self balanced with spontaneity and enthusiasm. (You can't tell, can you?)
I absolutely LOVE to travel, it's a bug I caught as a missionary kid living in Russia. Since then, visiting 30 countries, short-term mission trips to a dozen places, graduate study abroad and 4 summers in youth mission programs have given me lots of opportunities to learn about other cultures.

I have an undergraduate degree in English Writing, and a master's in International Development and Non-profit Administration. For the past four years, I've worked in full-time ministry as the associate director of an international research center. We developed resources and training materials for non-traditional evangelism and small group ministries in today's postmodern society. My work included marketing, writing, media production and lots of international travel. (Watch some of the video clips my team did here.)

When our first child made his debut, I decided to break from the travel and spend some time at home. I still work on odd projects, like engagements & baby photography, recording and transcribing my dad's memoirs, and doing PR consulting here and there. And I'm always open to jobs that pay, too!

As a minister's wife, I have a personal passion for mentoring and connecting with women of all ages. I think that Paul was really onto something when he told Timothy to have women mentor each other into the arts of homemaking, husband-loving, and godly identity.

I was blessed to have a wise and godly mother who served as a mentor for me - but not every young pastor's wife has the luxury of a great Christian mom with decades of ministry experience. And most of us don't know have know where to get some godly wisdom and a listening ear when we need it.

CLUTCH is one of the ways I stay connected with the outside world, and with serving other women. I think it's a great place to mentor each other in the journey toward fulfilling service as the wives of ministers around the world.

Y'all ready to start a conversation?

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