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Being a PW is hard work. Some days are heartbreaking, other days bring joyous rewards.

In the middle of everything - it's easy to forget the great things about being married to a pastor. 

We get swept up in the chaos, the sheer volume of need, or even the boring routine of it all - and forget that God led us to a special life of ministry. 

So to help us remember, Fridays are hereby dedicated to "the good stuff" - at least for a while. To remind us as we head into the weekend, that there are definitely perks to being a PW. 

Share what you're thankful for in the PW life and we'll post your good stuff on an upcoming Friday! 

Feel free to include a photo to illustrate. Please include your name, city/state/country, and a valid email address in case we need to clarify anything (emails will NOT be included in your post).

Submit your "good stuff" to: clutchtalk (at) gmail (dot) com.

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