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>> April 26, 2012

Good day ladies! Do you have a friend who's demeaner is so quite yet when she speaks she captures your listening ear? I have such a friend, she is one of a kind and the last time we were together was at our youngest daughters wedding 6 years ago. If I may I would like to take you back 33 years ago, to a small town in southern Texas. I was a young newlywed then in desperate need of a friend. Kelly lived in the apartment above us, we met on the playground, she had two small children. I would watch her from our living room window and was amazed at her ability to be so calm with those scrapped knees or the inciped hair caught in swing chains.  We met and because of this family's walk of faith, Steve and I came to know Christ as our Lord and Savior.  

We are forever thankful for their witness and love toward this young married and so wet behind the ears couple. Yet the one thing I admired most was Kelly's ability to stay calm in every situation. I was raised in a loud house, so this struck a cord with me. I wondered when God was going to give me this ability. I mean, certainly this comes from God right?  This really resenated with me after the birth of our first daughter. We were faithful in worship, reading our Bible together, praying and in the beginnings of raising our child in the nurture and admonishion of the Lord. So surely God was going to give me this blessing. I wanted to be just like Kelly. I wanted my home to be a place of peace, a place of rest. So I boldly asked her one day, yep I walked right into the answer I never expected to get.  

Kelly speaks with a soft voice, she never runs around with her head in a whrill, she was always so calm when her five and three year old would be fussing or sick. I knew this had to be a trait and the  "how to" had to be found in the Bible. Kelly poured me a cup of coffee and gave her response.  "Debi, God made you who you are, he wanted you to be exactally you, because you have a purpose to fulfill. He made me to be me, and I hope I am fulfilling that purpose. I love the way you always seem to get right in the middle of a Bible study, you are not afraid to ask questions or share a part of your life with us. Please don't compare us because I have my own traits God is showing me how to deal with."  Kelly never gave me Bible veses  to look up, she gave me wisdom.   

Then about six years ago I found the verse she was talking about, at least these veses took me back to southern Texas and so I took out my trusted blue post it note and wrote her name by the verses.  

Look up Colossians 4:5-6 "Walk in wisdom toward outsiders making the most of the time. Your speech should always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer each person."  That was my Kelly to a T! My oldest friend in Christ was exactally this verse.  But when I read it again God showed me that I too was this verse, being real honest I was just a part of this verse.  Wisdom I know comes from asking and I have asked many times in many situations. You have too I am sure.  Making the most of my time is not talking about time management but our witness to those who are unbelievers or those like I was, a new Christian. Making the most is investing in anothers life, just like Kelly did.  It's not hard being gracious when your heart is already there. Thankfulness for a kind act is never hard but graciousness needs to be the covering over everything we encounter. I am still working on this one, maybe that was what Kelly was talking about, we continue to work out this walk as believers, letting God mold us into His perfect will along the way. Seasoned with salt was my downfall, I had a hard time finding my salt shaker many a days. The amount of  salt Kelly shook over me that day was perfect. 

Who do you need to season today? Or do you need seasoned, we all do at times. I am such a visual person so I will leave you with this tidbit. A good t-bone steak is my favorite dish, only eating them on special occasions but it has to be seasoned with the right amount of salt to grill to perfection. Do not over salt the person God want's you to season. Kelly knew not to give me to much as I was a new believer, I am now seasoning a new believer so these verses has helped me to remember my experience, make the most of my time with her and season with the right amount of salt. So go out there and use your own version of Mrs.Dash on one another.    Joy...Debi

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