dear abigail

DEAR ABIGAIL is an advice column where young PWs can seek biblical wisdom about their situations, challenges, and difficulties.

ABIGAIL was a woman known for her generosity, intuition, industry, discernment, hospitality, loyalty, strength and wisdom. The advice shared in DEAR ABIGAIL's column is focused on helping young pastors' wives develop the same qualities, as we journey in ministry with our husbands and families.

ABIGAIL posts answers to letters in the order they are received, usually on Thursdays. Every request for advice is prayed over and carefully considered before an answer is written. ABIGAIL is not able to reply to emails directly, all answers are given in the form of blog posts on CLUTCH.

If you do not wish your name to be published, please provide a pseudonym or ask for your name to be withheld.

Read past letters and responses from DEAR ABIGAIL here.

Email your DEAR ABIGAIL inquiry to: clutchtalk (at) gmail (dot) com.
Subject heading: DEAR ABIGAIL.
Letters and answers will be posted on the CLUTCH website.

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