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>> April 3, 2012

      This week is all about Easter. Palm Sunday prepares us for Good Friday, which prepares us for Ressurection Sunday.  Holidays are a wonderful time to give of ourselves, spend time with family and with friends, and frantically prepare meal menus that would be fit for a king, or just in case The Food Network should  stroll through our dinning room. I love everything about Thanksgiving and Christmas but my favorite holiday of all is Easter. It's fun to come up with different ideas for children's Easter baskets. I love finding dresses that match all four of our grandaughters, of course this year we have a grandson to add to the group, so cars are included. Pintrest is now my timesaver for beautiful craft ideas that make the Easter week special.

     As I grow older, the week before Easter Sunday means more to me as a believer.  Today, as I was reading Luke Chapter 23, I noticed some interesting highlights. Jesus willingly walking to the place called The Skull, jeers from the two prisoners, a promise of paradise, darkness for three hours, the centurian who recognized who Jesus really was, and weeping of all who witnessed His death. Having played Mary the mother of Jesus and a bystander in the crowd shouting "give us Barabbas" in church programs, I had to put myself in Mary's sandals and weep as they took my Jesus off the cross. It was not hard to do, you get caught in the emotions of the scene. During weeks of practice I did act the part, but when opening night hit I wept like this was my son. Good Friday is real, praise God ressurection Sunday is real. I encourage you to help others know that this week is real and played out in our everyday lives.

     I have a Bible marker our oldest granddaughter gave me for Christmas. I helped her the week before Christmas make everyone a book marker.  KK made sure each person's marker was personalized. We covered them in clear contact paper and wrapped them up with a bow. I knew she had done one for me as well, but never imagined how personal she was with it.  When I opened it, I cried like a baby. I want you to know that this was only the second time in my life that I got emotional over a gift. 

     Every time I open my Bible, I see those words and my heart stops. She displayed what she enjoys about me in six words. Then I ask myself, "Debi, is your time with God the best?" Easter is a mere holiday to so many, but to believers it should be THE BEST!  God doesn't care if the pastel tablecloth is wrinkle free or your water glasses are spot free. He wants our time with Him to be free; the best!  I am so guilty of having the napkins in place, the baskets having the right amount of candy and fun stuff, the dresses matching, and of course the ham coming out of the oven right on time to join the mashed potatoes. Geesh. God really doesn't care about that. He wants time with us.

     So I encourage you this week to enjoy time with God.  Make sure you can say, "Time with you God is the best." Happy Ressurection Easter Sunday to you and your family. 

Joy for life!
Debi Ogle


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