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>> February 17, 2009

For years, my momma told me I should wear hats. I always nodded and smiled and never gave in to her crazy idea.

Until last year. When I discovered the joyous versatility of hats.

Newsboy caps with jeans and boots. Wool berets pulled down over my ears or tugged jauntily to the side like a sassy French chick. Cloche hats with little shift dresses. Wide-brimmed straw with sundresses. Short-brimmed felt with a prim church suit. The possibilities are endless!

I travel in Europe often for my work, and over there - women wear hats all the time. It got me brave enough to try it and bring it back home. And to church!

At my church, nobody wears hats. So I'm starting a new trend. I know some cultures in the States wear hats to church all the time, but in my church I'm currently alone.

Oh well.

Sometimes being the PW makes me feel like I should just stay invisible. Other times I feel empowered to be transparently, unashamedly myself. When I'm brave enough to follow through, it feels really good!

So maybe hats aren't your thing. But surely there's something you wish you were brave enough to do or say... Have you started a trend that you love, but weren't sure about doing alone? If you haven't, what trend do you WISH you could start?

Be brave, girls!


Starr February 17, 2009 at 10:35 AM  

I personally would start a jean-wearing on Sunday revolution. Unfortunately that would currently probably be frowned upon. I think the Lord is working on my attitude through having to get a little dressy on Sunday's, so it's all good. :-)

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