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>> February 4, 2009

You read the beginning of Cindy's story, but you're probably wondering where her life stands right now. Is she still married? How does she feel about the child her husband fathered? Here's an update in her own words.


My husband and I are coming up on the 7th anniversary of his confession to me. In many ways, it seems like it was just yesterday that my heart was shattered. In others, I feel like it was a lifetime ago. During these past seven years so much growth has occurred in both of us. Actually, so many of our family members and friends have also been changed. The devastation was so widespread and affected so many innocent people but with humility and brokenness, the story has a drastically different ending than many expected.

Today, we are best friends. Our passion for one another is stronger than in our dating days. Our family life is rich. We are better than new. We are better than we could have ever imagined. We are better than anybody thought we’d ever be. We still have disagreements like everyone else, but we handle them differently. We are as healthy as any couple can be.

Our relationship with Chris’ son and his mother is nothing short of astounding. Many jaws remain on the floor when I tell them what it’s like. We truly love each other and all want to do what is in the best interest of this precious child.

My prayer for you as you read my story and remember what I endured is that you will know that you are deeply loved by the Creator of the universe. You are His pride and joy. Continue to surrender your life to Him, even when it hurts and is uncomfortable, and you will know abundance of joy, hope and peace like you never imagined.

I’m living proof.

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