guest blog: 8 reasons to close your blinds

>> February 16, 2009

As the pastor’s wife, you know that your life can sometimes feel like an open book. In our few years of ministry, we’ve already had some funny encounters. At our first church, a member who lived across the street from the parsonage called the head deacon and told him that the pastor (my husband) should not be washing dishes. The head deacon suggested we close the blinds! As a humors reminder to keep your private life private, here are eight reasons to close your blinds!

  1. You don’t want anyone to see you throwing away the cookies someone baked for you that are a little too crispy for your taste.
  2. Someone might see you in your pajamas at noon (and tell her friends).
  3. Pastors want their congregations to respect them. They do not want their congregations to see them in what ever outfit they can find on a Friday morning when you’re behind on the laundry!
  4. Your kids aren’t perfect. And especially at home, they aren’t expected to be.
  5. Even worse, you aren’t perfect. Your church members can find that out slowly on their own, they don’t need more evidence of that fact while driving by your house.
  6. You don’t want everyone to see your secret hiding places for stuff when you quickly have to “clean up.” One time when we had a group of women leave the house, I pulled out a stack of dirty dishes- from my dryer!
  7. You may have a particular pre-sermon-night ritual, like your husband preaching to the dog, or you finishing up your Sunday school lesson at the last minute!
  8. 1 Corinthians 7:3-5 (and that’s all I’m going to say about that one!)

Sandra Peoples is a SAHM of two busy boys and a preacher’s wife living in Pennsylvania. She blogs with friends at Today’s Housewife, and for fun at Eight Reasons.


michellewegner February 17, 2009 at 8:35 PM  

Oh my word. I love that he actually called to say close the blinds. Sooo funny!

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