PMS: 10 quickest ways to undermine your PH

>> August 4, 2009

Want to make sure that your husband's congregation doesn't think he's capable of spiritual leadership (or any other kind, for that matter)?

Try some of these tactics on for size:

  1. Editorialize his sermons in real time. Correct his grammar or story details from the audience.
  2. Tell your church friends funny stories about his mistakes or failures at home.
  3. Don't go to church - for whatever reason. Don't show up to support him when he's preaching or leading out up front.
  4. Make sure everyone knows that you are the brains behind his sermons. Don't let them think he can do it himself.
  5. Remind him in front of others when he's forgotten something important (or trivial), and roll your eyes to make sure they know that you have to put up with this all the time.
  6. Voice your agreement when a church member complains about the way your PH has handled a recent situation, or says they don't like a decision he's made. Let them know, either openly or subtly, that you support their point of view.
  7. Fight with him in front of others. Don't keep your opinion to yourself just because people are around. Insist on having the last word in public, no matter what.
  8. Criticize all his attempts to help when you have guests in your home. Tell him how to sweep the floor, point out that the dishes he washed still have food stuck to them, and say something like: "How many times do I have to ask you to ....?!?!"
  9. Poke fun at his foibles around friends. Get them all laughing uproariously at the idiotic thing he did last week.
  10. Roll your eyes, sigh loudly, show other physical signs of aggravation in public to let everyone know just how irritated you are with him. Be sure they can guess that a fight is brewing and that you're going to let him have it after church on the way home.
Follow even a few of these practical tips, and you are guaranteed that your husband's congregation will have little or no faith in him and his calling. It'll ensure that he feels a sense of shame and embarrassment every time he thinks of you in connection with his ministry. You might even get the reward of getting him to eventually leave his calling behind and switch careers so he can feel better about himself!

Or you might just solidify everyone's pity for him, and guarantee that they all think you're a shrew. But either way, if a man's own wife thinks he can't do the job - who's gonna really trust him to lead others, right?


Anonymous,  August 4, 2009 at 1:26 PM  

You know, I've heard PWs actually do that! Speak up from the audience to edit or "enhance" their husband's sermons!

And the two pastors I know whose wives never went to church with them, are no longer pastors. They ended up leaving their ministry because their wives hated it.

Sandra August 4, 2009 at 8:41 PM  

I've been guilty of a few of these! Thanks for the reminder!

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