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>> June 7, 2009

Being a PW keeps us all busy. Especially if you have kids. Even more so if you also have a job outside the home in addition to kids.

So what are your little tricks for saving time?
Keeping things flowing along?
Minimizing the madness?

Spill, girls - we are dying to know!


Melody June 10, 2009 at 9:16 PM  

Getting our little terror pk's (kidding) on a good sleeping schedule (naps and routine bed time) has been a great thing for our entire family. They feel better when they get good sleep and that nap time and typically routine bed time is a great chance for me to get things done. Also, I have found that getting up 30 min. earlier than everyone else pays huge dividends. I know everyone says to not worry about your house being picked up while the kids are young.....would some older/wiser woman please tell me how to do that because I still struggle with that. I like "neat and tidy" but of course it's not that way half the time and it bothers me.

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