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>> June 9, 2009

Okay, it's a really old-fashioned term. It brings to mind ancient tents with sawdust scattered between hard benches and creaky folding chairs.

Many churches have abandoned the idea. People are too busy, or too preoccupied to take a few days off and gather together for spiritual rejuvenation.

But not all denominations have abandoned the general idea. Some have yearly revival meetings, others have church campouts every summer. There are lots of ways we still keep the idea going.

Where I live (Atlanta, GA), we still happen to call it camp meeting. Everyone for miles around gathers at a Christian university campus for a long spring weekend of fun, fellowship and spiritual renewal. It's a far cry from the stereo-types, and our family loves it.

There are meetings for the kids all day long (free daycare, YAY!), great speakers, great music, and gorgeous spring weather.

Best of all, for me anyway, all the PWs from miles around are there as well. We have our own banquet luncheon, our own outings, and the rare chance to spend hours chatting uninhibited with PW friends we don't see the rest of the year!L>R: Brittany Cinquemani, Sarah Asaftei (me), Holly Elias, Elizabeth Wright, Denise Rustad - all young PWs or PGs (pastors' girlfriends) from the TN-GA area.

Does your church have regional get-togethers each year for spiritual renewal and fellowship?


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