CLUTCH gets a makeover...

>> June 8, 2009

Well, at some point, we'd like to do a totally customized CLUTCH design. But while Delina and I both love blogging, we're not exactly fluent in design code. So until God provides a way for that to happen, we wanted to at least spruce it up and make it an even nicer place for you to hang out online.

And we wanted to give a big thanks to Chiquitta, a friend of Delina's who re-worked the CLUTCH header for us.

You can now find our favorite blogs, email/feedreader subscriptions and click to follow, as well as PW websites - all down at the bottom of the blog in addition to our blogger profiles across the top and lots of resources along the sidebars.

So we hope you enjoy it, keep coming back, and share the link with your PW friends!


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