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>> May 20, 2009

Recently, Craig Groeschel (senior pastor of lifechurchtv) asked on his blog if pastors are diligent about talking a day off... a sabbath, whose time they seriously and intentionally guard. A time to renew (not necessarily catch up on home errands). Read the post and the comments here. The comments posted were very interesting, and I wondered the whole time what it was like for the PW.

Is not taking a regularly-scheduled day off a problem of an older generation? Is our under-40 crowd more conscious of the need not to overwork, and more mindful of our family's needs?

How do you and your husband regularly unplug from the 24 hr. demands of ministry?


Anonymous,  May 20, 2009 at 7:04 PM  

I think this is a very needed discussion, but one that causes me some angst. I must admit I struggle with not playing the part of the martyr when it comes to "time off". How is a PW with kids in the house supposed to have time to herself to rest? When my husband is home I want him to be able to rest and revive his spirit, so I work really hard to make his day go smoothly. I often stress about keeping the kids quiet and allowing him breathing room. He in no way is demanding of this, but I just feel like I cant relax and rest and him still relax and rest. I know I am rambeling, there is just so much hurt and confusion about this topic. We homeschool and so my kids are always with me. When there is a women's function at church that is supposed to be "fun" , I end up having to "work" it in some capacity... I have a great marriage, and we love to spend time together, but it just doesn't happen very often in this season . I don't mean to sound bitter or angry, just frustrated and confused. I love this site and the safe place of understanding it provides .

JT,  May 20, 2009 at 11:35 PM  

I know for my Husband and I we REALLY guard our family days which are Sunday & Monday! from the start (at the interview) we advise the congregation of this important family time we treasure...if anything fellow PW's get your hubby on this topic with you and discuss the importance of taking time out to "minister" to you & your children and that is by giving his time...without "church". This is very important because you do not want to minister and save thousands, but loose the very people who are so dear to you living under your roof. It's just not worth it! God, Family, Church= A Blessed Life! And I've always believed that when a home is happy and balanced this will speak volumes to those on the outside and they will see and witness the true harmony God calls for families including those in ministry! God will bless your ministry if you have your priorities straight...He will never fail you!

Diane,  June 2, 2009 at 1:54 PM  

JT -- I totally agree about the priorities and when they are in order, all things are blessed and good. I always remember that with acceptance we find peace (dear Elisabeth Elliott always says this). In our role as Pastor's wives, we accept certain lifestyles (calls in the middle of the night, continual interruptions, etc.). If these things feel like a violation, than there is no peace, only resentment and bitterness. Pray that God give you peace and acceptance and help and wisdom. He is ever so faithful to help us and strengthen us as we minister to our husbands, children and the church family.

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