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>> May 8, 2009

Sometimes church drama and attacks on your husband take a toll on your spiritual life, marital life and your husband's career, but sometimes, mean and messy people's efforts for disruption and destruction are just plain silly.

Has anyone at church ever tried to ruffle your feathers or create drama out of nothing...and you were able to laugh it off and see the silliness for what it was?


Lori Wilhite May 8, 2009 at 4:49 PM  

Once someone wrote my husband a letter to tell him that he dressed like a meth dealer. Thanks buddy.

One lady told him she didn't like his hair because it looked like he was trying to be one of the "young people" It really cracked me up since he was 33 ... and therefore one of the "young people."

Lauren May 11, 2009 at 10:39 AM  

A few weeks ago someone put an envelope in the offering plate. It had my boyfriend's name on it and inside was an editorial article from a local newspaper about how people should dress for church. It wasn't signed.
My boyfriend, who is the senior pastor, had started wearing jeans in the pulpit because he had been told by several different families that they didn't come to church because they didn't have nice clothes to wear. Now when people say that, he tells them he wears jeans and eliminates the excuse. We have had at least three or four families start attending pretty regularly because of this wardrobe change, but apparently someone got offended and wanted to deal with it passive-aggressively. And he or she used a tool worship-the offering plate-to make feelings known.

We just laugh about it and I tell him if I have an issue with it, I will put my notice in the plate come Sunday morning.

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