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>> May 27, 2009

Lots of people have house-warmings when they move to a new place. But as a pastoral family, the home is often a place for so much more than mere day-to-day existence.

A pastor's home may be a place for simple quiet meals, dressier dinner parties, or chaotic youth suppers. A place for small groups, bible studies, or counseling. A refuge for those needing somewhere to stay. Our homes often serve as a source of ministry to many outside the immediate family.

Have you ever considered, instead of a regular house-warming party, having a "House Blessing"?

I remember the first time my parents did this. Only a little girl, I still can remember the ceremony. Friends and family gathered in our new house for a meal and a good time. Then we all went from room to room, where a blessing prayer was spoken over the activities of each room.

Afterward, we hung a large framed artistic floor plan of our new home on the wall, with a scripture on the drawing to remind us that our home is also the dwelling of God.

The ceremony profoundly affected me. For the first time I realized that God actually cared about what happened in every room of our house. That he wanted to be part of all our activities, even outside of church and family worship times. That every single room was a place where he lives right there beside us.

Since then, I've particularly appreciated house blessings. It's a way to dedicate every room in our homes to God's service, while celebrating the experiences yet to come.

Have you ever done a house blessing? What rituals or family ceremonies do you have to dedicate a new home to God's presence and service?


Melissa May 28, 2009 at 2:56 PM  

Yes, I have! About four years ago, when I [finally] responded to God's call go into full time ministry, sold my home, quit my job as a corporate vice president and gave away almost all of my possessions, I moved into a 500 square foot apartment in a bad part of town. It was a major lifestyle change in all respects! I asked people to come and pray with me, that God would bless the home, protect me, and allow others to experience Christ in that horrible little apartment. All of my friends and family came and spoke encouragement and affirmation to me and then we all prayed over the apartment. It was amazing. I have never felt more at home, blessed, and safe in any place that I have lived.

Anonymous,  January 6, 2010 at 4:47 AM  

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