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>> May 31, 2009

It's PMS week again, girls. (In case you're new to CLUTCH, that stands for Problems, Mistakes, Sins.)

This June, we're talking about the Problem of cold churches. Now, we all know there are different kinds of cold.

Some churches are just plain unfriendly.

Others are only friendly if you know someone who is already there and gets you "in".

And others seem to be full of hugs and warmth - until you have a problem or a crisis, and then everyone just melts away into their own business.

So how, as PW's, can we help to create warm churches? You know, the kind where people are genuinely cared for, where visitors get invited after church for a meal or to a relevant activity, where people lovingly build each other up and hold each other accountable?

I'm not saying it's the PW's job, or that we are solely responsible for generating warmth. But it seems like we could each make a difference in our own ways, if we wanted. Contrary to the outside world's assumptions that Christians are all hypocrites, isn't church supposed to be a place where people feel like coming back?


rodlie Ortiz June 1, 2009 at 8:34 PM  

I think a PW could go a long way in helping to create warmth. This may sound odd, but she is an extension of the church (like it or not) and how she acts and treats other will reflect on the church and the pastor. Just think of Mrs. Obama. I think an easy way is to shake some hands in potluck or in the lobby. Or at the very least to be intentional about seeking out new guests and being friendly to them. It makes a huge difference!!

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