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>> November 4, 2010

In ministry, there is leadership and influence. You are a mentor, motivator and model. As such, I found it beneficial to categorize life events into the following: Public Life, Private Life, and Personal Life.

Jesus gave me this idea from the way He led his own life. He had a public ministry to the masses, yet had private time with disciples and those closest to him, as well as personal time alone with the Father. While this composition varies for each of us, it is a great example on how to categorize life.

There are times where you may make personal events public, or private events public, but that is up to you. The people you allow into your personal circle, let them know how you categorize and what you consider personal as well as private. In my experience, nine out of 10 will honor it. (As for betrayal, that is another blog post.)

Everyone's definition of what is public, private and personal will vary. However, if you don't already break life into these categories in ministry, I encourage you to consider it. See how it will work for you. It has proven a great help for us.

Especially in the age of social media, this concept helps to create boundaries. As leaders in the Kingdom, set boundaries in your congregations, in your groups, and with the people you lead. It will keep you strong and moving forward.

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