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>> November 23, 2010

Brittany Cinquemani Woods
newlywed seminary wife & missionary in her own right

Recently, Josh (my PH) and I realized that our need for a couch was getting pretty bad.

We had gotten a free love seat from the Seminary, but it just wasn't cutting it when we wanted to have a group of friends over and only two people could have a comfortable seat!

We began looking and checked out about five different places to buy furniture. Surprisingly, we were able to agree on what we were looking for, but had a hard time finding anything in our price range.

Pastor Josh & Brittany Woods
We decided to make it a matter of prayer. God cares about the little things, so we knew he would take care of our couch. We both kept going back to one of the couches we'd seen, and again we agreed, that's what we wanted!

To make a long story short, when we finally decided to buy the couch, we realized that we would need it the next day, so we didn't have much time. When we went to the store to buy it, there was a brand new couch & love seat in the color we wanted, sitting in the store, and in our price range!

The next day, we had a couch just in time for our small group Bible study! And we love it!

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Walking to China November 23, 2010 at 4:55 PM  

Oh, amen! Seminary was a time when we learned so much about God's faithfulness in the big and little things.

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