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>> April 29, 2009

Note: We asked Lori Wilhite if we could cross-post her blog today 'cause it details the PW gathering at the Catalyst West Coast event last week. She'll be posting answers to questions that they didn't have time for at the event every Wednesday on her blog. Here's the first installment. Check out her blog for more next week!


I had a great time at my lunch for Pastor’s wives and women in Leadership at Catalyst that Lucretia Noble and I hosted. The only bummer was that I wish it had been twice as long so I could have been able to visit with more people because I’m a talker … but I was so glad for the opportunity! We had over 40 people join us. Awesome ladies!


Thankfully someone Tweeted this picture of us during our Q&A time. I wasn’t able to get through near all of the questions, so I thought I would slowly start going through them here.

This is my favorite one: How do you maneuver being Jud’s eye candy?

It is a tough job … but someone’s got to do it! That’s hilarious! But most of the leaders I know are smart enough to have married up. For instance I love Jud’s best friend, Mike Foster, but Mike would totally agree with me that his wife Jen is totally amazing! And our friend Tommy who is the Sr Pastor at Hillside Christian Church married a stinking powerhouse when he married Donna. I have tons of other examples too.

I should also say, that I completely understand that most people will not know me outside of my role or my face. Most of the time that doesn’t bother me, because I make sure to have some people that really KNOW me outside of all of that. It helps me keep a little balance.

So, ladies, how do you handle it? And guys, brag on your ladies! You know you couldn’t do it without them!


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