the biggest giveaway yet!

>> April 1, 2009

NOTE: This was our April Fool's Day post. Please read here for the whole story.

Okay girls, you know we love doing giveaways when we can, and we've just worked out the COOLEST giveaway of 4 Coach clutches PER PERSON.

Here's the deal - it's a little complicated, so pay attention. Every PW who comments on a post at least once a week for the entire month of April, will receive 1 Clutch per week. To say it another way, if you comment at least once a week for all 4 weeks, you will receive 4 COACH clutches (max).

One more rule, you must think of a way to use these purses in ministry at your church. Throughout the month we will share these creative ideas with the rest of the readers. So, with your entry, you must provide a brief explanation of how these purses will be used for ministry purposes.

We expect lots of interest in this giveaway, so in order to keep track, we ask that you email us your registration instead of commenting on this post (it's the only way we'll be able to keep track and have the info in our database). Only those who register today will be able to participate in the month-long giveaway. To enter, you need to just email us at with your:

- name
- church name & city
- husband's pastoral role
- best idea for using 4 COACH clutches for creative ministry in your church

No comments below please - only emails will be counted as entries. We will then contact you directly to get your shipping address.

This should be fun and I trust all of you will enjoy your clutches!

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