>> January 19, 2012

Money. The lack of money can be stressful! I am talking about heavy weights, feeling like you are going to suffocate; stressful.

People don't like to talk about the rough times, the "going through" of when money is tight. All because it is a hard place.

I would like to remind you today that your troubles will not last always. That God made honey come out of a rock. (meaning a hard place)

We all know that we need to follow budget.
We all know that we need more coming in then going out.

But I want you to know that today, as we head into the weekend that we are praying for you! We are praying for you, your family and your church!

God is a BIG God. God is more than ABLE!

People do not like to talk about money, it makes some uncomfortable.

I'm completely comfortable. I know the difference between the gospel (the life, the death, the burial and the resurrection) vs. the counsel of God.

When you get emails from Pastors' Wives that they are struggling and their family eats Oatmeal for breakfast and dinner, with Hot Dogs and Spagetti as a luxury you don't mind so much talking about money; praying for financial breakthrough and prosperity.

We are blessed to be a blessing. So if you are in a rough season, we are praying for you this weekend! I know that God can turn ANY situation around.

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Anonymous,  January 19, 2012 at 11:19 PM  

I needed to hear that again. That our God is a big God. That there are other ministering families out there struggling to keep food on the table.
The thing I struggle with most is that our congregation is very affluent. They can drink Starbucks, go to restaurants and go on cruises, and we don't know how we will pay for our children's school field trips. Our elders just don't believe in paying their pastors more than a minimum wage.
I am waiting for our good God to also provide in abundance for our family.
Thank you for praying!

Veronica Brown January 23, 2012 at 10:58 AM  

Hugs to you! I could throw out a million ideas but sometimes only prayer can change certain situations. Keep going strong, hold your head of high, put your shoulders back, take a deep breath and smile because I am positive that pray can change ANYTHING!

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