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>> January 11, 2012

When I was dating my husband and for the first few years of our marriage, there was a wonderful couple from a nearby town that served in ministry for most of their married life. They would drive into the city and attend Sunday night service every Sunday with the exception of him going out of town to minister. We were very young, 19 & 20 when we married. They were in their mid 70’s if not older. My husband could listen to this Man of God for hours on end. His wonderful wife was a spunky gal. She was moving and grooving even in her 70’s with quite a bit of whit and style. We were fortunate that they took the time to invest into a young ministry couple and two weekends out of the month, they’d give us their time. We’d usually go out to eat and talk and talk and talk or I should say they’d speak, we’d listen.

She shared many things with me, but I recall one thing in particular I wanted to share with you “Marrying a preacher is like living in Sunday School 24hrs a day.” In the beginning, I was like “okay….” whatever you say; 13 years later I get it.

What she meant and what I want you to understand is that being married to a preacher, weather he’s the Sr. Pastor, Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, whatever; bible is going to fall out of his mouth like water comes out of a faucet. And if it’s not bible, it’s closely related, can always be tied back to the word, etc. That is a good thing. I personally enjoy having my husband as a human reference for the Word. Who needs google or Biblesearch? I can just text Mark.

Other Pastor’s Wives’ might not feel the same way. I have discovered that some wives get rather frustrated. They respond or I should say react with a deep sigh, and a look in their eyes that speaks “not again.” YES, AGAIN sweet darling. It’s who they are. I have yet to see anything other than water come out of a faucet.

I invite you to see, what are you going to do with it this year? The bible says we are his help mate right? So, instead of absorbing it all, instead of getting frustrated with it. Do something with it. That may mean a blog for some, devotionals for others, a book or possibly helping collect his thoughts, sort and organize them into conference material. There is a million things you can do with the wealth of knowledge one has. Maximize it!

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Kathy January 11, 2012 at 8:06 PM  

Amen sister! I hear that all the time as a pastor's wife..."I wouldn't be able to deal with that all the time"! What is that? The Word of God? You don't care to hear about it? Well, I agree with you. If you feel overwhelmed by it, you should find a way to utilize it. It is a transition when marrying someone in the ministry. It was a total lifestyle change for me and it didn't happen overnight. Some things I am still struggling with. But it couldn't have been a more JOYOUS transition!

Veronica Brown January 11, 2012 at 9:56 PM  

Thanks! I think ministry is a constant transition. The word says it best when it says we go from glory to glory. :):) Love you & appreciate you!!

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