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>> September 2, 2010

I would be true
For there are those who trust me
I would be pure
For there are those who care
I would be strong
To turn my eyes from evil
Choosing good thoughts
And strengthened by a prayer
So go the words to my son's latest favorite lullaby. While we love lots of kinds of music, my PH and I talked at length before our little guy arrived about the home atmosphere we wanted to create for him. We figured there will be plenty of time for him to listen to the rest of the music out there, and most sources won't be offering the very best - God's word.

So we've searched high and low for a nice library of kids' music that is both enjoyable and gentle, fun and moral. During these early years, while he's like a sponge of learning, our goal is to get as much Scripture into his fabulous little mind as possible.

And we discovered a Christian family business online that sells books and CDs with kids reading and then singing scripture chapters and short choruses (like his favorite lullaby). The funny thing is, we find ourselves unconsciously memorizing entire chapters as we play the songs for him. Since memorization doesn't top my list of fave recreation activities, that's a huge plus.

Unlike a lot of kid's music, which is so bouncy it makes me want to climb walls long before a child would tire of it, these songs are almost soothing.

If you've been looking for great children's Scripture memory resources, Thy Word Creations might be a good place to start. If you have some of their materials, or order some because you read about it here, leave a comment and share your review.

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Juliette,  September 3, 2010 at 12:39 AM  

I have used these songs from Thy Word Creations and they are wonderful!! We had several when I was a kid and now have one for our kids. I would like to order the rest, when I get the money together!! Great music and definitely helps in memorizing whole chapters!

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