5 friends every young PW needs...

>> September 7, 2010

  • a PW your age who is at the same place in life. She knows what you're going through, because she went through it last week. You either both have kids or both don't, and have been married and in ministry about the same length of time. Her philosophies on life, ministry and parenting are similar to yours, and you can bounce ideas off each other without worrying what the other thinks. Most of all, you can trust her to be discreet.
  • a PW older than you who can still remember what it felt like when she was your age. She is your mentor, confidante, advisor and friend. You can go to her when you want counsel rather than commiseration, when you need a godly woman's perspective. Her unvarnished feedback might sting sometimes, but helps you grow, and you know she loves you even though you're not perfect. Most of all, you know she's honest with you no matter what.
  •  a totally NOT PW who is not a parishioner in your husband's church. She is someone fun and lively, spontaneous and full of laughter. You can go to her when you need to destress, relax, and let your hair down. Her company is enjoyable and invigorating, and she's full of encouragement and sass. She has great insights on things as someone outside pastoral ministry, and gives you a balancing view. Most of all, you can be real around her without worrying about what she thinks.
  • a non-PW role model who is the embodiment of the godly woman you want to be. She oozes class, smarts, style and sweetness. You observe what she does and how she does it, and those observations make you dream bigger. Her qualities are something you'd like to see when you look in the mirror someday - and she may not even know it! Most of all, she inspires you toward greatness.
  • a younger PW who is going through what you have already experienced. She looks up to you, seeks your opinion, and appreciates your stories, coaching and wisdom. You share what you've learned, not as an expert, but as a fellow traveler in the PW journey. Her admiration is a source of accountability to you, keeping you focused. Most of all, she gives you someone to pray for and encourage.
These five women probably won't all be in your life at the same time. If you're lucky, one or two of them will live close enough that you can actually hang out in person on a regular basis. Many of these relationships will probably stay alive through phone calls, emails, and social networks - but it helps just to know that they're there!

PS: If you've got a fabulous friend who falls into one of these categories - feel free to leave a shoutout comment below. And then send them a link to the post so they know how much you appreciate them! 

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Indy September 7, 2010 at 12:05 PM  

My friend falls under the PW that is older than me category. She is a godly woman whom I admire and go to for advice or just to hear me out. What I most love about her is the way she can always take time aside from her busy schedule as a mom to listen to me. I am convinced that God has placed her in my life through the wonderful world of blogging for that specific reason and because she totally rocks.

I'm so grateful for your life Melody. Thank you for being YOU. =)

You guys can check her out here http://lifeisabowlofwedgies.blogspot.com/

SKA September 7, 2010 at 12:19 PM  

I have two fabulous friends that fit here: Heather is a fellow PW who is near the same point in life - our kids are a week apart, we have the same ideas about life, and we tend to come up with similar conclusions. I love that I can share openly with her about challenges in almost any area of life, and know that she is likely going through something similar.

Carolyn is my awesome non-PW friend. She keeps me laughing, cheers me up, encourages my fun/crazy side, and is full of good advice from an onlooker's perspective. I always feel better after a few hours in her company!

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