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>> January 8, 2009

"Around the world at least one woman in every three has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. Most often the abuser is a member of her own family." (see #10)

Sadly, this statistic doesn't seem to change much inside the church. According to the Christian Coalition Against Domestic Abuse, "there is just as much abuse (spousal, child, sexual) in Christian homes as in non-Christian homes." Worse, Christian homes often add a component of religious and/or spiritual abuse in addition to physical or sexual mistreatment.

We believe that every congregation can benefit from their pastor's wife being well-educated in the signs of spousal abuse and how to act when any woman expresses or indicates the existence of abuse.

What's more, abuse doesn't happen only in the homes of the congregation. Many pastor's wives suffer abuse in silence. Their bondage is even greater than women who are church members. If they speak out - who will believe them? They risk destroying their husband's reputation and career as a religious leader. It's safer to shut up.

So, whether for yourself or a church member - here is a long (but by no means comprehensive) list of resources for abuse:

No Matter Where You Are:
Book List - Christian/Jewish/Muslim/Interfaith
Educating Yourself About Abuse & Crisis Lines
A Safety Plan - Protect Yourself
What's Good About Anger?

United States:
Domestic Violence Agencies (listed by state)
Dorcas Network & The Dorcas Network BLOG
Minnesota Center Against Violence & Abuse
National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
Polly's Place - A Christian Healing Retreat (Safe Home)

Abuse iNFO & Resources

Australia/New Zealand:
Australian Drug Information Website
Auckland Domestic Violence Centre
South Pacific Resources
Victorian Information & Resources

United Kingdom:
The Freedom Programme

International Domestic Violence Agencies:
International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies

Battered Men:
Battered Men.com

If you are aware of other resources that should be added, just email us at clutchtalk@gmail.com.


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