PMS WEEK::mentoring can be scary

>> October 4, 2011

Yes, we know, the idea of finding a mentor can be daunting. But the idea of living out ministry without a support network is scary too.

Finding a mentor, and accepting mentorship, requires a certain sense of humility. An acknowledgement that you don't actually know everything. A willingness to trust.

And then there's the flip side. No matter how long you've been a PW - odds are that someone you'll meet is even less experienced. So are you brave enough to share what you've learned? Are you honest and open enough to pass on the lessons God has given you so far, in a spirit of sweetness and understanding, to someone who might benefit?

Titus 2 tells us that it is important for older women to train younger women (or, in the PW case, more experienced women to mentor those less experienced), so that "they will not bring shame on the word of God." (Titus 2:5, NLT)

Ever thought about it that way? Mentorship can help us avoid bringing shame to God. We might learn something from someone else's story that would keep us from making innocent mistakes. Or another PW might be able to help us wrestle through something not so accidental.

Either way, it's worth it!


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