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>> October 8, 2010

I would like to introduce you to our friend Lisa Osteen Comes. She is the Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas under the leadership of Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen.

Last week she spoke to some of the nations leading Pastors at a Champions Network meeting, where we were in attendance. During lunch, I told her I was going to share her key points with you here on CLUTCH; I hope you enjoy!

1. Jesus was full of the Spirit
2. Jesus was led by the Spirit
3. Jesus walked in the power of the Spirit
4. Jesus always spent time alone with God
5. Jesus majored on 3 things: preaching, teaching and healing
6. Jesus was a people person
7. Jesus was a Man and Minister of compassion
8. Jesus ministered with authority
9. Jesus spoke with gracious words
10. Jesus had favor with God and man

What I love about Lisa is that she knows she is called into ministry, embraces her call and walks in it. She was trained under the leadership of her father the late John Osteen and continues to glean from her remarkable and amazing mother Ms. Dodie.

I know the majority of you are PWs vs. women in ministry, but nevertheless I want to encourage you to use this as an outline to pray for your husbands and their staff.

Confess over them that they have favor with God and man. Pray that when they speak, they use gracious words. That as they minister, they minister in authority. That they spend time alone with God and are led by His Spirit. As a PW you can be your husband's chief intercessor and biggest cheerleader. I know things aren't always easy at home, but make a change starting today.

God has anointed you, appointed you, to be married to your man and walk in the leadership mantel that comes with being a PW.

You can even use this prayer outline for yourself. Thank the Father that when you speak, you speak with compassion, that you love people just as Christ did. I look forward to hearing from you and how God is prompting you to be more like HIM!

I love you & I am praying for your success!

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