digging into devotions - a miniseries (Nancy Witt)

>> October 19, 2010

This is part of a mini-series featuring profiles of PWs about their devotional life and how they spend quality time with God. 

Nancy Witt
3 grown children, 3 grandchildren
How do I make it happen? First thing in the morning is when I love spending time with my Lord most. I get up 2 hours before any appointment and pray, read the Bible and/or a devotional book or study a specific topic. 
Often throughout the day, as time permits, I listen to sermons I've downloaded from the internet. That seems to keep Jesus as my focus during the day. Before going to bed I usually have a short devotion and prayer. 
Years ago I committed to spend as much time or more with my Saviour than I do watching or listening to TV or Radio. It has proven to be a real blessing.
Besides being married to the preacher, I'm involved with Women's Bible Study, Vespers Coordinating, Spotlight on Bible Ministry, giving away gospel books at the Flea Market on weekends. I also give Bible Studies during the week and do PowerPoint presentations for the Worship Service each week to help the service flow smoothly. 
Spending time with my Lord is always the highlight of my day.
Share what you do to get personal time with God in a comment below!

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