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>> July 14, 2009

Delina and I love interacting with all of you as fellow young PWs. But now and then, it's helpful to get a perspective from the older side.

Titus chapter 2 talks about this when he advised older women to train and mentor younger women to love their husbands, parent their children, care for their homes, and serve others.

So, in deference to that excellent advice, I'm working on a new blog thread for CLUTCH that will feature older PWs and outstanding women of ministry who have been around the block. I'll be asking questions like:

  • what has been their most profound lesson relating to life as a PW?
  • what do they know now that they most wish they had known in their first decade as a PW?
  • what book or scripture passage is most meaningful to them in their PW identity?
  • how would they define the core role of a young PW?
  • can they distill their decades of wisdom into one statement of philosophy about life in the fishbowl of ministry?
Here's where you pitch in:

- what questions would you like to have answered?
- are there any specific (or famous) older PWs/women of ministry whom you'd like CLUTCH to try and interview? who would you like to hear from? (do feel free to email us contact information if you have a specific person, and have a way to connect with them:

We'll do our best to meet your expectations!


Anonymous,  July 14, 2009 at 2:18 PM  

Looking forward to this!! I can use all the insight I can get... my fiance and I are starting a church plant... getting married in September. Very excited but love to hear from those who have been there.

Melody July 14, 2009 at 9:55 PM  

I'm excited about this series and appreciate your recognition for our need, as younger women, to hear from the older women. I happen to be posting about this topic right now because it's very close to my heart.

I would love to hear from Lois Evans and Jill Briscoe. I don't happen to have an email or phone number because they don't have a clue I exist.

I would like to ask them what they would warn young pastors wives against. What issues do they see our generation of women in ministry facing that maybe they didn't encounter and what would their advice to us be?

I'm also curious about Bible Study trends....a question for anyone really. I see young women, moms and coporate women struggling to keep a 12 week bible study commitment. There is a desire to study the word but I'm finding more effectiveness in 6 studies that have less homework. At times I question if I'm running from the deeper studies (precept, etc) out of laziness or a lack of discipline. I'd like to prefer that I'm just meeting people where they are at their season of life.

Recently an older, godly woman said that she used to do in depth Bible Study with ladies at her house. Their kids would play under the table while they studied together. And I believe her. But I have a huge disconnect here because I just can't even picture my kids and other kids playing under a kitchen table while we unpack the book of Joshua with colored pencils.

Any thoughts on this? Is it okay to put off deep Bible Study for when the kids are in school? Am I being legalistic, lazy or a lunatic? And please don't say "Yes" to all three!

I look forward to hearing from some Titus 2-ers in the upcoming interviews. Thanks again for doing this!

Carrie July 19, 2009 at 3:28 AM  

I think this is a great idea. Actually I received an email 2 days ago from a recently retired (forced retirement due to her husband's stroke) missionary wife. Her thoughts and insights were so moving. She has so much to offer the younger generation.

SKA July 19, 2009 at 7:30 AM  

Keep these coming, girls! They help us form the question lists for each of the PW Mentors we're interviewing. That way we don't have only one list of questions for all the women giving advice!

Jill Briscoe has already agreed to interview, among others, like: Anne Graham Lotz, Brenda Black (wife of the US Senate Chaplain), and others who are less famous but equally wise and experienced.

Please keep telling us what questions you'd like asked!
Sarah @ CLUTCH

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