Love Series:: Treat Him Like a King

>> February 1, 2012

Treat him like a King. That is a hard pill for some to swallow, for other’s it’s their pleasure. My friend Pastor Sheila who co-labors with her husband Dr. Poole in Vegas at Destiny Christian Center wrote a book entitled Treat him like a King. That is the inspiration for our love series over the next few days. When I received my copy in the mail, I read it in two days cover to cover. What I love most about her book is her candidness and disclosure about her marriage and their perspective on doing life together.

Chapter 7 of her books addresses “Blowing his mind”. When you stop and think about it; really, when was the last time you went out of your way, above and beyond for your husband? We are always looking for our man to go above and beyond for us, but in self evaluation what are we doing?

The first sentence in this chapter says “Don’t put your marriage on auto-pilot.” We hear it, we teach but are we doing it? I know some PW friends that go out on a date night weekly, but even at that, has that become a routine? It makes for a good tweet, a good Facebook post, but does it still have it’s intended impact? I invite you think out of the box, work your creativity, get over our fear of rejection, negative comments and just dive in the deep end of the pool and blow his mind. Even if you haven’t, step out and do it. Only you know how to reach your man and do it well, so Day 1’s assignment; blow his mind!

I've purposed in my heart to do this right along side of you. So let the FUN begin!

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