>> November 11, 2011

cheap? i prefer "inexpensive."

I’ve been buying my own clothes ever since I was old enough to babysit. Because of that (and my so-low-it-should-be-illegal modest hourly wage at the time) I had to learn how to make my dollars last. Even when my paycheck increased at my first real job my expenses started increasing as well, leaving minimal slack in my shopping budget. And when Ian and I got married and had a joint account? Well, that was the worst because he saw where all our money went!

Shopping on a limited budget can be totally overwhelming and not fun at all. But I think it’s important to determine on what you’ll splurge and on what you’ll save so that you don’t have to think so hard.

Luckily I’m blessed with a husband that loves when I look good just as much as I do (even though he tells me I look good when I know I don’t -- awww....). He budgets a monthly “allowance” for me to spend on clothes. I’m spoiled, I know. But the truth is I’d want to spend that money anyway so it’s actually a good thing in more ways than one...

An outfit that cost me about $40 minus the shoes (those were a splurge item)
Because I love all types of patterns, textures, and cuts, I tend to gravitate more toward inexpensive stores so that I can collect a lot at one time. Sometimes though, I’ll splurge on classic pieces like a quality pair of jeans, a winter coat, or an oversized purse. If you think you might want to splurge on an item, consider your CPW or cost per wear. Divide the cost of the item by how many times you’ll wear it and then determine if it’s worth the asking price.

When it comes to purchasing trendy items, try to buy them cheap. They may be on the hot-list this week but they’ll be on the not-list next week.

And lastly, as my mom always taught me, don’t buy it unless you love it. Sometimes you shop for fun regardless of whether you need it or not, so if there is something you absolutely adore, GO FOR IT! Too often we ask ourselves do I need this? Sometimes we just need to be spontaneous and ask will I be thinking about this item when I’m lying in bed tonight? If the answer is yes and the price agrees with your budget, get it! (And yes, that whole lying-in-bed-awake thing actually has happened to me.)

So what about you? Would you rather spend $50 on one quality item, or on a few inexpensive pieces?

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Veronica Brown November 11, 2011 at 10:43 PM  

Love it Sarah! Great post! $40 for a WHOLE outfit, that is a HUGE score. CPW :):):) makes me smile, that's what shopping girls do.....My sister is not a shopper, she laughs at the "fashion lingo".

Look forward to more post.

And in answer to your question, it depends on the options. I do BOTH. Sometimes I buy the higher ticketed item, other times, I don't and buy tons of little things. :):):) All depends on what it is I think.

Tanya November 12, 2011 at 11:38 AM  

Cute outfit!

Well, as we all know, PWs often don't have money to spend on clothes, and I'm one who doesn't like to shop. at all. But I do like being able to go to my closet and find something to wear.

My preference is for inexpensive classic clothing! LOL! But I will spend what it takes for a good pair of shoes, and for someone as cheap as I am, I have almost always had nice purses. But I keep them until the leather wears out, too.

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