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>> April 12, 2010

Lately, Dick and Jane books are spread across our home. They are usually the first book picked up when we enter the children's section at Barnes and Noble. I love how my daughter thinks she's conquered the world when she gets done reading these simple yet profound books. 

Did I just say profound?

Yup! Think how simple her life is: "See Jane go." "See Jane run." "See Jane get in the car." 

Simple, huh! Jealous? Uh, yes! 

But Jane represents every woman, girl, mother, sister... every single chick out there! We can have a simple life, too!

I imagine that if Jane were a big girl like all of us, her big girl book might read something like "See Jane serve. See Jane lead. See Jane nurture. See Jane mother. See Jane love her neighbor. See Jane adore her husband." 

Things that are so simple, yet so profound.

I don't think big girl Jane's book would read: "See Jane throw a temper tantrum. See Jane ignore her husband. See Jane toss her kids aside. See Jane curl up in a corner when she doesn't want to be a pastor's wife."

So how can we equip ourselves to be ordinary Jane's? 

Do life simple! 

I know, it's easier said than done. But we can start by narrowing down to what REALLY matters. Love God, love your family, love those around you, and serve the world!

Simple life means being an ordinary Jane, and being fulfilled through what God has called you to be and to do. So the next time things start to load up in life, think "I'm an ordinary Jane with something unique to offer and I'm going to do what God has asked of me and nothing more!"

Keep it simple. Start by making sure you have time for Jesus every day!

Plan ahead for meals, laundry and outfits and other family needs so you can actually spend quality time with your family versus "doing" with your family.

Love those around you! Serving others can be so simple. Help with carpool, make cookies for a neighbor (do it together as a family), help someone out with groceries at the store. Just find a way to serve and love others around you... maybe with words or a nice note.

So my fellow Jane's, what would your big girl Jane book say about you ? Would it be "See Jane Be Simple"? Or "See Jane Run Around Crazy"?

Leave a comment to share how you live life as an ordinary Jane!

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Angela April 13, 2010 at 2:04 PM  

I love this! Seriously, we make life too complicated, when all we need to do is simplify!

SKA April 13, 2010 at 4:18 PM  

Kudos Rachael! And.... today I'm pitching excess stuff out of closets - less stuff to keep track of = less work for this PW mama!

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