the good stuff #7

>> April 30, 2010

Penny, from New Orleans, writes:
I've read all the previous "good stuff" posts and TOTALLY agree with the weekday day off sentiment.  Nothing better than going to breakfast with my PH on Friday mornings.  They are super special around our house.

I also love when someone encourages instead of critiques a sticky church situation - business meetings and the like.  I love when church correction is met with an "Amen" or "Good word!" - those times make me smile.

But one of the things that I really like is when he does a wedding!  I get to see my hero husband, all dressed up in a very romantic setting.  It's a chance for us to go out - (a date!) all dressed up, get a baby sitter and dance the night away... all the while getting paid to do so!!!  Can't beat that!  Thanks God for the small blessings!  They usually are unforgettable!
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