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>> October 22, 2009

For our last installment of "cool," I wanted to share what a video book review that this PW in Texas did. It's for the book, Desperate Pastor's Wives. Has anyone else read it? Anyone interested in doing book reviews like this (for PW-related books) for Clutch? Let me know!


savingwithasmile October 29, 2009 at 8:47 PM  

Oh I loved this book. There are three books in the set. They are funny and laced with a lot of truth as to what it is like to live our lives. After I read them I passed them around to many of my friends in our congergation, they all laughed but also it really like that for you. It openned doors to talk about things that would not have been easy if it were not for the book. I would say read them if you enjoy them if you are looking for a light hearted look into our them if you just need to get you mind off your problems. Do not read them if you think they will change your life, make you a "better" anything or if you are looking for something that is all truth or something to help you grow in your walk with the Lord or your work within your church. I have given them as gifts to three PW friends and they all also enjoyed them. Sometimes its good to look at our lives and laugh. You will laugh, cry and wonder right along with the PW's in the book. I know one of the PW's lives and one of the churches will seem just like yours!

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