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>> December 11, 2008

I found this article by Becky Badry, on the Lifeway site. It's about pastor's wives finding ways to network with each other and the benefits of developing these relationships, including:

Encouragement to keep priorities straight. Women are people-pleasers by nature. Imagine what a challenge it is to try to please the whole church. Keeping God first, family second, and ministry third are challenges that are common to these women.

Mentoring relationships, friendships, and role models. Based upon several surveys of ministers’ wives, a leading concern is loneliness. How can you be involved in a congregation of people and feel alone? It's easier than you think. I experienced it as I entered into marriage at the age of 19. Suddenly I had gone from a 19-year-old youth to being a minister’s wife! It was a whole different playing field in many ways--including socially. Granted, I was pretty unprepared for the change and the role. It wasn't like anyone presented me with a "minister's wife manual" as a wedding gift. However, I sought out other wives to relate to, observed their lives, and allowed them to become my role models and mentors.

A listening, loving, safe environment. As minister’s wives gather, they like to tell their stories. The safe environment of a peer support group allows for ministers' wives to receive affirmation when moving toward Christ-likeness, but also allows for feedback from different perspectives. Prayer support becomes critical for these wives.
They also list ideas for connecting PWs in your community. Check out the article here.


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