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>> December 1, 2008

Due to our husbands' unconventional schedules, it's oftentimes necessary to do creative things with time management in order to make married life and family life work. You need a day to catch up on things around the house, do family things, run errands or relax with a good book or favorite TV show. Some pastors choose to use their day off as a sabbatical of sorts, where they disconnect from all errands, responsibilities, stresses and concerns and commune with God.

So, tell us about your husband's day off. Is it always the same day each week? Do you get to spend it together with him? If so, how do y'all spend it? Have you made any "rules" about his day off? Do the church members know to respect that day?


Sandra December 4, 2008 at 10:55 AM  

My husband's day off is Fridays. I usually have a long list of things for us to do- from fun family outings to just running errands. He often takes our boys (3 and 1 yo) out for breakfast so I can sleep in a little.

Sarah Asaftei... December 4, 2008 at 11:07 AM  

My husband works his hardest on the weekends and takes Wednesday off. I've restructured my work schedule so that I can have that day off with him - as long as I'm in town and not gone somewhere on a work trip.

It's tough to keep the day sacred to ourselves. Stuff always crops up. It's easy to succumb to racing around all day long catching up with the personal stuff that never gets done on the workdays. But then we don't have any day for rest all week.

We're both big on personal space and quality time together - we share that love language. So we try to do our best to spend it together... sleep in, cook breakfast together, go outdoors if the weather's nice, lay at the pool, shop for groceries together... just be together doing nothing.

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