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>> July 28, 2011

I was so excited to have received a package from my friend Cindy Beall. Inside, was what is pictured to the left. This is not just a book. This is her first book, officially published and I am elated to have a copy. I declare, that it is the next best seller! You need to get your hands on one right away; you will not be able to put the book down. (It’s one of those good one’s)

Cindy Beall has walked a journey no wife dreams of when she is planning her wedding, giving birth, living the married life, much less coupled with being in ministry. The standstill moment of discovering your husband was unfaithful. To complicate the situation, there was more than one woman, one might be pregnant and being he was in ministry their new situation was fixing to go on blast because we all know that ministry equals a public life. Did I mention that they had just moved and taken over a new staff position at one of the most influential churches? Did I mention that they had already been married several years and had a precious child?

In her book “Healing your marriage when trust is broken” Cindy shares her pain, the process, the forgiveness and the restoration her marriage went through. Did you catch my last phrase; the restoration. That’s right; God completely restored and renewed a marriage that had been broken to pieces.

I have personally never experienced the anguish one goes through upon that type of discovery, but every woman can relate on a certain level to shattered dreams, painful words, dreaded experiences and the negative impacts as results of various decisions. If we do not allow God to work through us, enabling us to forgive and ultimately restore you can expect roots of bitterness, rejection, pain leading to anger and the list goes on making us unpleasant people. Or maybe you know someone who has been through this type of situation or possibly you are going through it yourself. I invite you to pick up this book at your nearest retailer. You will never be the same.

In the words of Craig Groeschel her pastor “Her courage will inspire you.” “Her transparency will win you.” “Her story will change you.”


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Angela August 11, 2011 at 5:04 PM  

That looks really good! I have recently released my book along similar lines but in my story I was not the victim but the unfaithful one. It's a story of what God can do with a messed up broken life, I love what God can do!

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