GLO Conference 2011 w/Jessica Cornelius

>> April 7, 2011

Last week I had the opportunity to attend GLO Conference 2011 hosted by Jessica Cornelius, wife to Bil Cornelius, pastors of Bay Area Fellowship Church, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The conference lineup was amazing! Jessica shared a few words each night encouraging the ladies. My favorite line of hers was "pay full price for your destiny." I love that!

Her other two speakers were Lisa Bevere and Lisa Young. Lisa Bevere spoke on allowing the Lioness within you to arise. My favorite line from her message was "When speaking to your sons, correcting your sons or corresponding with them; speak to them as a Prince, not yelling and magnifying their lowest form." I love that! Mark and I always say we are "training royalty" when referencing Mark II and Matthew. I was so excited to hear we are not the only ones who think that way.

Lisa Young spoke on depression. She shared her story and personal struggle with it, as well as offered hope at the end of her session. Between evening conference sessions, it was a great time to hang out with each other, do lunch together, shop and other fun things. We had lunch in a large group on Friday, trying the famous “fried avocado” followed up with coffee as a group back at the church, with Lisa Young.

Below are some pictures for you from throughout the event:

Shake the Nation (here's their album) with Grammy-nominated, Jennifer Pena, ushering in the presence of God.

Jessica Cornelius looking amazing and exhorting the women

Lisa Bevere delivering the Word

As you exit the sanctuary

The FAMOUS "fried avocado" (fried avocado, cheese, carne asada & more cheese)

My favorite "Pollo Frontonizo" Chicken Breast, scallops, shrimp, crab meat and other goodness

Coffee with Lisa Young, imparting into the lives of Pastors' Wives. This was my first time meeting Lisa and hearing her speak. She truly has insight for oversight. Love her!

My friend and gal with the sweetest heart - literally; Jessica Cornelius.

Lisa Young

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jane Cruse Bearden; genuine to the core!
Follow her on twitter, friend her on FB!

Angie Brown. We just met, I kept forgetting her name, then it dawned on me my sister-in-laws name is Angela Brown. Oops! Now, it's forever imprinted on my heart.
Loved getting to know her.

(L-R) Julie Richard, Robin Mitchell, Lisa Hughes. Seasoned Pastors' Wives - follow them, friend them. Iron sharpens iron and these ladies will celebrate your uniqueness and cultivate your confidence.

Lisa Young ministering Friday night.

These beautiful friends are Gwen Brock (right) and Cindy Thomas (left). Impacting, Influencing and Inspiring the world around them.

Amber White, up and coming voice to the nations!

Make plans to be there next year! Pastors Bil and Jessica rolled out the red carpet! They, along with their staff exemplified 100% spirit of excellence and honored all ministerial gifts visiting their house. ((love my gift basket by the way)) Everything was stellar. The conference was phenomenal!

Over 1,000 tuned in via live webcast, the lives of many women were changed, which means homes and families across South Texas and the nation will be impacted. (Dvd’s are available for purchase, call BAF for details: 361-933-5900.)


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