apples and oranges

>> March 18, 2011

Comparing is dangerous.

While apples and oranges are alike because they are fruit, both roundish in shape, both hand-held -- they are also very different. One feature is the outer layer can be eaten while the other cannot. One has more seeds then the other. Only one can create a pie, yet they both produce juice.

How many times do you compare your husband, your ministry, your family dynamics, etc? While it is healthy to have mentors, motivators and models which encourage us to grow; it is not healthy to compare and complain.

If you have fallen into this trap, feel free climb out today. How do you stop? You just do. You hold your tongue. You take your thoughts captive. You change your point of view and refuse to go there.

You are anointed to be you! Your husband is anointed to be him! Your kids are anointed to be who they are! Focus on being you. Find the real you, if you have masked her with various cover ups. Dig deep and allow the fruit-fullness from within to come out.

I encourage you to "deal with the root, not the fruit." Meaning, there are root issues to why are you comparing and complaining. Face it, trace it, erase it, and replace it.

I have a friend who was the PW of a church planting Pastor. She said one day, "my husbands messages aren't thought out, it seems like he's shooting from the hip, they are unprepared and I'm so frustrated". In reality her husband is an awesome preacher. However, as a church planter he was being pulled in too many directions. His study and preparation time was being cut short.

After discovering that root, we were able to come up with ways she could help him with ministry administration tasks that would free up some time for him to dedicate to studying and preparation. They were able to talk about delegating to core team members and other solutions.

Comparing and complaining is easy but its not productive. My prayer today is, if you are in this rut, that you will be inspired to work toward solutions rather than settling for complaints.

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