>> February 11, 2011

TIP #9: Absolutely REFUSE to gossip. 

People love to talk. No matter how new you are to being a PW, you've probably already noticed the gossips!

The funny thing is, gossips assume that the PW needs to know their opinions about everything and everyone else. But politeness doesn't require you to listen.

In fact, people will respect and trust you far more if you don't. (Even if they get miffed when you refuse to listen.)

It's perfectly okay, (in fact it's a very good idea!) to absolutely refuse to participate in any gossip of any kind.

When people come to you to "share" things that are negative or aren't their right to share, it's okay for you to kindly say "Thank you for trusting me with that information, but I'd rather not talk about people who aren't here to defend themselves." Or some variation that feels right for you.

And when people ask you for information that you know because of your husband's position, it's okay to tactfully refuse to spill. In fact, it's probably the smartest thing you can do!

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