>> February 18, 2011

TIP #10: Be real. 

Be yourself.

Depending on your congregation's expectations, you might have total freedom or you might get lots of subtle (or overt) comparisons to "the last pastor's wife".

Let people have their opinions. Nothing you say is likely to change their minds anyway. Instead, be real. Be no one else but the woman God has made you.

Own your identity. Be unafraid of doing what YOU are gifted at, rather than getting pressured into doing what other people wish you were good at. That doesn't mean you might not try some new things, and it's not an excuse to refuse to do anything at all.

Just don't get all caught up in trying to be somebody you're not. It doesn't do your congregation any favors, and it only makes you feel like a stressed out fraud.

Ask God what HE wants you to do. If he challenges you with something you're not naturally good at, embrace the challenge and let yourself grow. But if it's just external expectations, stand firm and say "No thanks, I'm more called to serve in a different capacity."
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Mrs. Pastor February 18, 2011 at 10:18 AM  

How I struggle with this one! This comes up for me not only in how I work in the church, but in how I talk to people. Being honest about how I feel (good day or bad day?) do not come easily to me.


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