raising boys & the “love” factor

>> December 2, 2010

Every week, my son brings home a new book from the school library.

This week, the book was about a boy named Michael and a girl named Sheila. The first page opens up with the two standing in front of the fire station. Every time we read, we go over the front cover, back cover, spine, title page, and author for the purpose of familiarization. Then I have him tell me about the story through the pictures; then I go back and read it.

His version of the first page was “there was a boy and he was embarrassed.” I asked “why is he embarrassed?” (remember they are standing, facing each other in front of a fire station) He replied “because there is a girl, she is trying to grab his hand.”

Our dialogue continued, but this moment was an opportunity to teach, instruct, plant, guide and invest in my child. As a mommy raising boys, I have realized that I'm raising a next generation leader, husband, father, pastor, business owner, etc. 

How do you break down the “love” factor for your boys?

One day my children will be men, leading their own families and I want them to be clear on the concept of love. I am blessed beyond measure to have a wonderful and loving husband, the greatest male role model for our children that I could have dreamed for.

In raising boys up to be Godly men, knowing the breakdown of love according to the word of God is critical. I want to share with you points I took from a series my husband taught on love. It breaks down like this:
  • Phileo - a friendship love
  • Storge - the love siblings have for each other 
  • Eros - the physical love expressed between a man and a wife
  • Agape - God the Father’s love, loving with purpose, on purpose, by choice
While some think kindergarten and pre-K is too young to teach Greek, we feel that it's never too early to teach fundamentals. So off went our mommy-son dialog into what Phileo love is about.

If you're raising boys in your pastoral home, I invite you to consider all the teaching opportunities we have while our boys are still young. Make the most of them!


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