2010, leave it behind

>> December 16, 2010


I am so grateful for the opportunity to share life with you on CLUTCH's Wholehearted column.

As we close out 2010 and prepare to spend time with our families this holiday season I invite you to join me in leaving every hurt, pain, disappointment, shattered dream, broken promise, failures, mishappenchances, and every should of, could of and would of behind.

God's gift to us was his Son, which is why we celebrate Christmas. So together let's celebrate this Christmas, the opportunity to begin again, dream again and live again. God has great things in store for you in 2011. Regardless of what your past holds, your future is brighter!

If everyday in 2010 seemed like a night, 2011 holds a brighter day. If you had good year in 2010; I declare better are still ahead in 2011.

Celebrating the opportunity to begin again, dream again and live again are exciting to me! I love you all and wish you a wonderful Christmas Season! CLUTCH has some exciting things in store!

See you in 2011!


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