>> July 14, 2010

A few weeks ago the mail carrier came to our door with a package. I LOVE packages, and since I’m a homeschooler, the package is usually filled with books. Well, this package was SUPPOSED to be filled with books, but the box was ripped and torn, and there was nothing in it. The mail carrier looked apologetic, and said that the box had apparently broken, and the contents had fallen out somewhere between here and Denver. She gave us a form to fill out, and left me with not only a broken box, but a broken heart.

You see, inside this box was about $500 worth of books, a year’s curriculum for my boys. The thought of all those beautiful books lost in a some postal warehouse--or even worse—dumpster, just about brought tears to my eyes. My son was equally devastated, because he loves books as much as I do, and he was especially interested in the subject of many of these books (world history through the perspective of transportation).

However, I did have some consolation: I had purchased insurance! Even though the contents of the package were lost, I knew that I would be reimbursed the monetary value of the books, plus the postage price. Now, considering that the USPS is a government agency, I knew that it would take some time to see that money, but I would see it nonetheless.

I was reminded immediately of how our lives are broken and lost forever, but God has given us insurance as well, in His Son, Jesus. When Jesus died on the cross for us, He purchased an insurance policy, if you will, on each and every one of us. We each can choose whether to “cash in” on that policy, but it is available to every. single. person. Yes, we may have to wait a while until He returns and takes us home to Heaven, but we have the assurance of His return. Insurance. Assurance. What a beautiful thing.

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Starr July 14, 2010 at 12:00 PM  

Wow. Makes me want to start buying insurance! Hope you see a quick turn around and can buy new books soon!

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